99+ Tattoo fonts you will Love to use

We are living in the age of advancement and technology. Everyone wants to do something different. There are a lot of ways to do this. But in early 1800 it was seen that in deep forest of Africa and in ancient cave paintings, people were wearing a kind of body makeup or skin art. Yes! They were tattoos.

Tattoo derived from a word “tatau” which means “To Write”. It was a way to represent your family, tribe or rank. Now in this era of technology people love to do such stuff. They want to have such cool skin art or want to have permanent body makeup. They went to the painter or tattoo maker and they showed them some of the designs then people choose from them and carved their bodies with them.

Many tattoos serve as symbols of spiritual and religious loyalty, representation of bravery, sexual ambitions, showcase of true love, trace of accomplishments and rank, amulets and talismans, protection, and as punishment, like the marks of outcasts, slaves and convicts. The symbolism and impact of tattoos varies in different places and cultures.

Dealing with a lost love, an unforgettable pain, Agony of lost war, or simply an addiction can be figuratively used for these words in a tattoo. When someone draws a tattoo we are telling them our historic victory and huge military prowess or loss or pain. Today, overcoming huge personal obstacles can be just as daunting. Tattoos can express and show all of them.

There are three truths about tattoos: They are personal, they hurt and they are permanent. Taking these truths into consideration, it only makes sense that you pick out a tattoo that not only represents who you are and how you feel, but one that you can live with for the rest of your life.

The font of design or writing is the most important thing in carving a tattoo on your body. When you want to have a tattoo, you browse a lot to find something that suits you or something that reflects your thoughts. Font of writing something on your body is most important thing. Font describes your personality and thoughts and will personify your inner. But it is quite difficult to find accurate font that will completely satisfies your perception and completely shows your imaginary tattoo that you’ll have on your body then.  BUT the biggest problem that, how I’ll look after having this tattoo on my body? Will this going to look good on me?

Tattooing involves the placement of pigment into the skin’s dermis, the layer of dermal tissue underlying the epidermis. After initial injection, pigment is dispersed throughout a homogenized damaged layer down through the epidermis and upper dermis, in both of which the presence of foreign material activates the immune system’s phagocytes to engulf the pigment particles. As healing proceeds, the damaged epidermis flakes away (eliminating surface pigment) while deeper in the skin granulation tissue forms, which is later converted to connective tissue by collagen growth. This helps to close the upper dermis, where all the pigments remain trapped.Its presence there is stable, but in the long term (decades) the pigment tends to migrate deeper into the dermis, accounting for the degraded detail of old tattoos or you may call it temporary tattoos too

Ink or colouring used on the top of skin is mostly termed to as a “tattoo”. Mehndi, also known as henna, has been around since 12th century allegedly originating from ancient India. It is also a traditionally Indian method of staining the skin, and a custom that encompasses North Africa, South Asia and the Middle East as well. Modern Mehndi techniques include ink transfers on sheets of paper.

Once you select the tattoo design and getting it inked from the studio, its aftercare is the most important element in your tattoo journey. Post tattoo care should not be taken lightly. You need to know how to take care of a tattoo as best as possible.

A good well-Known tattoo care centre will surely guide you through all the states of your tattoo journey and we inform you everything about when and what to do in order to help keep your tattoo looking perfect.

The month immediately after getting out of the tattoo artist’s chair is definitely going to be most important time for your tattoo, and as that big patch of ink is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

You’re going to need to do anything in your power to ensure that the whole thing heals perfectly – and remains perfect as long as possible for the rest of its (and your) life.

Hopefully you now know how to take care of a new tattoo, and understand that new tattoo care is extremely important no matter how big or small your tattoo may be.

But there is something more important, Tattoos increase risk of contracting infections or STD’s. Once contracted, they can require months or years of treatment, and still may not be curable. The risk is minimized if you go to a fully registered and licensed tattoo parlor, but it is still possible to contract a serious infection from a “safe” location. Even at well-known established and high rated tattoo parlours, needles might have been used by mistake or lack of importance given on that issue

This all painful process and if you don’t like it then what will you going to do?

We are here to solve your problem. Now make a tattoo of your own choice with your own desired font. We are giving you a platform, where you can completely express your thoughts. Choose any font you want, make any design you love.

But problem is still there? How I’ll look after having this tattoo on my body? As it is a kind of permanent makeup that will be done with needles, pigments or markers etc. you can’t remove that if you don’t like it.

There are a lot of tattoo fonts are available out there that give a vast opportunity to set new trends. Here we provide you a list of tattoos that you can use for free and make it a way to express your inner feelings and personality. Just pick a tattoo of your desire and make it your skin art gate way. Some people are very much indulge into skin art that they draw everywhere on their skin and make their bodies a piece of living art. Yes! There are a lot of people out there who did this and own their bodies like a piece of art and sometimes make it possible that this painful process must have something hidden in it. Any important thing that they want to say to the society or some social taboo that really want to remove or get irritated then they really carve their bodies in such a way that their message can be seen by everyone. This passion leads them to tattoo side and makes them realize that they can be a reason to spread the word or art. Many people draw a tattoo just to test their level of feeling the pain and to measure their will power.

Following is the list of 99 tattoo fonts. Choose the one you like and carve it on your body and tell the world what you want them to hear:

List of all Tattoo Fonts

“Download all these tattoo fonts from our tattoo font download page”

  1. Serval: It is a kind of too serious script tattoo.
  2. Tattoo Vieja Escuela 1: if you want to have a have rough ball point made tattoo with old school ink made memories than you must try these fonts. They are rough and looks like made in prison with some stick or ink pen.
  3. Tribal Tattoo: It is one of the most common tattoo art among people out there. These tattoos show the tribal look of deep forests and other regions of world. If you want some retro class than go for this tattoo art. These designs will remind you of 90’s with their eye catching shades, art and designs. Insects or spiral etc will really give you a kick.
  4. Sailor Scrawl: if you want something natural than this tattoo art is for you.This handmade design will give you a look near to nature. But keep an eye on latest natural fonts as well.
  5. Man Down: It is a bold strokes kind of tattoo that is inspires by maori tattoos.
  6. MOM: This will really bring you back to school as it is inspired by school lettering.
  7. Reditum: It is one of most artistic tattoo designs ever.
  8. Lina Script: It is a slick tattoo design with a little graffiti touch.
  9. Angel Tears: Angel tears include upper, lower case and punctuations. It can add some distress look into your designs.
  10. Tribal dragon: It is a playful upper case tattoo font letters that looks really classy.
  11. Black letter: This font style reminds you of old UK and ancient writing with their old charm.
  12. Crux: These crosses are staple of tattoos and they are brilliant tattoo fonts with special meanings.
  13. Precious: It is inspired by regular and traditional calligraphy. There is a wide range of these creative designs.
  14. Pentagon: It is a fun experiment with a less tradition free tattoo fonts.
  15. Little Lord: It is a group of over eleven hundred fonts with that really gives you an artistic feel.
  16. Spring: These fonts entitled spring, combines with illustrative elements of tattoos.
  17. Rose: It is like handwriting style. It features only capital letters with headings and eye catching straps.
  18. VTKS: It is a mix of old and new tattoo typography. Consist of upper and lower case letters.
  19. Cute: This some in capital letters that makes a brilliant headline font. They are playful tattoo fonts.
  20. Extra Ornamental no.2: it is a fancy tattoo approach with extra detail swoops and shadings. But it may only work in bigger scale.
  21. Blesses Day: Most used out there.
  22. Original gangsta: Most elegant, soft script font in the list.
  23. Scriptina: It is one of Apostrophic lab’s most popular designs.
  24. Champignon: These are like verse of song, some words of wisdom in your tattoo.
  25. Angilla: This includes 357 characters. It looks really filmy.
  26. Los Angeles: This is most used tattoo fonts out there. Games, movies, brands all are fill with this.
  27. True Man Tattoos: In ding bat tattoo font then this is for you.
  28. Brother: Another typeface perfect for saying and quotes.
  29. CM tattoo Dragon: It is movie inspired tattoo font.
  30. Tattoo Ink: It is an art deco style containing both scratch fill and angle fill effort.
  31. Delinequente: It is a beautiful script font perfect for quotes and sayings.
  32. Shit happens: Type face that would be suitable for text tattoos.
  33. Canterbury: Old English style font with both upper and lower case and special letters and numbers.
  34. Tribal: A version of tribal type.
  35. Drunk: A casual handwritten typeface.
  36. VTC nue tattoo script: A delicate script style.
  37. Lupus Blight: Tribal inspired font with bold and heavy design.
  38. Ink in the meat: Most used out there with perfect looks and design.
  39. Hustlers: This retro style design includes both rough and clean style.
  40. Mardian: It is a gorgeous tattoo script font.
  41. Antlers: It is a striking font certainly makes your tattoo stand out.
  42. Head case: Tattoo with different design and playful font.
  43. Echinos park script: Big and bold tattoos high on fire.
  44. Prison: Exotic, slightly elvish looking tattoo with celtic style tattoo design.
  45. Billy Argent:  A font with artistic calligraphy touch.
  46. Unchanged thoughts: A free style handwritten tattoo font.
  47. Ladylike BB: Something that reminds you of Barbie.
  48. Fontleroy brown NF: Old letter writing style.
  49. Zombified: Inspired by tattoos.
  50. Anglo Text: Calligraphy, graffiti and art at same time.
  51. Respective: It is one of the most artistic fonts ever.
  52. Qaskin black personal use: it is inspired by calligraphy.
  53. Candy Inc: It is one of the tattoo fonts that remind you of Barbie movies and of school sketching.
  54. Billion Star personal use: you can see a touch of calligraphy in it.
  55. Unchanged thoughts: A memory to school time and Barbie cartoon.
  56. Ginga: Artistic approach with fantasy and class. 56
  57. Lime blossom caps: Words made by flowers that gives you a soothing affect.
  58. Dominatrix: A tattoo font liked by all that shows bold letters with some violent look.
  59. VTKS rock garage band: It really gives you hard metal rock look.
  60. Flower ornaments: Tattoos of flowers with different style and art.
  61. Barbed Ink: A free hand bold letter approach with some zombie style.
  62. Gothic Flourish: A tattoo font style inspired by graffiti and calligraphy.
  63. KB blossom 1: Pattern of different flowers.
  64. KR fleur Flair lines: Flower patterns.
  65. Loopy BRK: Letters in loops that looks like a trade mark as well.
  66. Teryleno Top: It is a special pattern in which letters are written.
  67. Tribal Funk: A bold letter approach to tattoo fonts.
  68. Adine Kirnberg: Artistic tattoo design with calligraphy looks.
  69. Ananda Akchyar: A new way to express inner feelings. Hindi and other languages like it is a new trend in tattoo fonts industry.
  70. Anpad Script: Bold letters with awesome styling and filling gives a super cool look to tattoo.
  71. Back to Back Bold Demo: A tattoo design with eye catching patterns and bold style.
  72. Backstab full: It will remind you of that cow boy age where these kinds of fonts were in fashion.
  73. Black ball: Tattoo design with hard rock metal look with fire on it.
  74. Black label 2: Font with old UK font styling. This kind of tattoo is quite visible and clear.
  75. Blanc chateau: Classic way inspired by graffiti and calligraphy.
  76. Bombora: A special old style tattoo font with special patterns and symbols.
  77. Calling angels personal use: A pure inspiration of calligraphy with classic curves and designs.
  78. Brock Script: A simple but elegant design that gives you a classic look.
  79. Chase zen holy monkey nuts: A tattoo font with old school letter look and a style that appeals everyone.
  80. Chopin Script: A tattoo font with calligraphy and graffiti style wand inspirational looks can always appeal anybody.
  81. Claw BRK: With a special look and pattern a tattoo design that gives an attractive and unique look. By seeing this you will definitely going to remember bulls.
  82. Dark Garden: Letters with fire on them and bold curves and cuts. This will definitely give you a rock star look.
  83. Dobkin Script: A simple but elegant style.
  84. Double Bogey BRK: Letters in circles and bold fillings. Special patterns with special effects and symbolic representation of words.
  85. Effertless: A tattoo font style with special block type looks and bold letters with hard and immense impression.
  86. Fancy tattoo script: Small kid hands writing may be the inspiration of this style with capital letters. 85
  87. Flaemische kanzleischrift: A tattoo design with old writing style inspired by graffiti and calligraphy.
  88. Flower initials: Flower and blossomy look with capital letter and flowers around them.
  89. Freebooter Script: Simple but attractive style with curves and beautiful art.
  90. Gas Mask Warrior: A tattoo design that will must reminds you of some holly wood movies and a villain with heavy mask and cover.
  91. Grusskarten Gotisch: An old style font with some old UK touch and old art.
  92. Heidorn Hill: A tattoo font style with lots of memories of old English movies and zombie style.
  93. Held x Fast: An innovative and attractive but simple tattoo font.
  94. Hello Sailor: Simple and inspirational tattoo font.
  95. Janda As long as you love me: A tattoo font with free style hand writing and creative touch of calligraphy.
  96. KC Arrows: Special language of symbols and words with special meanings in it.
  97. MF Young & Beautiful: an attractive rather simple tattoo font style.
  98. Love my: A tattoo style with some wild cave paintings touch.
  99. Miltonian: A tattoo design that reminds you of school letters.
  100. New rocker: Rock style look with bold letters and attractive curves.
  101. Raven Script: A tattoo style inspired by calligraphy and grafilty will definitely give you an artistic look.

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